Parent Information

Teachers on Yard Duty

The yard is always supervised by teachers between the hours of 8.45 and 3.30

If your child is hurt in the yard and requires first aid she/he will be sent to the first aid room where she/he will be taken care of. If first aid is administered then a note will be sent home for your information. If medical attention is required you will be contacted immediately.

Office staff are trained to handle first aid needs at other times.

Canteen Menu

Our lunches are provided by the Newcomb Secondary School Canteen.

Lunches are available on Thursday & Friday.



Newcomb Park offers multi-age settings.
We believe that...

Learning is a continuum.

There are no rigid age grade related levels of achievement.

All students are treated as individuals so that children can mature and learn at their own pace. Our teaching approach is from the point of individual needs.

There is a whole school assembly every Monday afternoon at 2:55pm, Parents are encouraged to attend if possible.
Grade 5/6 students share reports. STARS of the Week - Whole School Positive Behaviour (Resilience, Respect and Responsibility) are also presented

Parent Involvement

Parents are encouraged to participate in our school community via; School Council Sub Committees, Parent helpers in classrooms and attendance on excursions.
We are proud of the number of parents involved in our school.


Parents & Friends Sub Committee

This group of parents meet regularly and report to school council.


New Parents

Prep parents will receive a letter by the end of the year informing them of the class their child will be in. Please inform the office of any changes to your personal information


School Support Services

  • Family Liaison Welfare Worker
  • Speech Pathologist
  • Social Workers
  • Educational Psychologist