Other Programs

Breakfast Club

Our daily breakfast program caters for any student who would like to come along and enjoy a yummy breakfast.


Fresh Fruit Every day.

All students are provided with fresh fruit every day as part of the Fresh Fruit  program. Students have a choice of fresh fruit as part of their recess break.


Outdoor Fitness Track

Students can make the most of our outdoor fitness track timetabled PE lessons as well as during recess breaks.

Interschool Sports Program

Students in years 5-6 are involved in Winter Sports where they play against nearby schools in sports such as Football, Netball, T-ball and Soccer.


Outdoor Environment Centre

We have a vegetable garden and fruit trees growing in our environment centre. This is a lovely passive area for our students who can do a little gardening while being in this area of the school.



Our lizards and turtle live in our Science room. The children help feed and look after the animals.